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Claire Muller

Qualifications: DIP A.S.K.
Year Qualified - Practitioner: 1988.
Year Qualified - Tutor: 1991.

My father Brian Butler brought Kinesiology to this Country in 1975 so I benefitted from natural healthcare from a young age. Kinesiology still amazes me after 30 years of practice. I so enjoy helping people change their lives for the better whether I am in the clinic one to one, lecturing to a group or teaching a large course. Kinesiology is a big part of my life and I enjoy vibrant health from 'walking the talk' so to speak.

I have four wonderful children, my eldest Lottie qualified 8 years ago, is an excellent Kinesiologist and practices alongside me. My eldest son is working abroad and I have two wonderful teenagers at home keeping me on my toes. Since my Father retired 18 years ago, I have run The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology with my amazing team teaching all over the UK. 

Fees: 180.00 for initial consultation - 120.00 for subsequent visits.

Lottie Moffat

Qualifications: DIP A.S.K.
Year Qualified - Practitioner: 2010.
Year Qualified - Tutor: 2012.

Kinesiology was brought to this country by my Grandfather in the 1970s from America where it was developed by a Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart who noticed that muscles could be strengthened by points away from the area using points of the lymphatic and vascular systems. My grandfather spent many years practicing & teaching with huge success, my Mother then trained with him and has now been practising and teaching for 25 years so it definitely runs in the family!

I have benefitted from Kinesiology my whole life and feel incredibly lucky to of been in such good health for my 23 years, I have now been practising for 3 years and absolutely love my work and the way it changes people’s lives.

Fees: 95.00 for initial consultation - 75.00 for subsequent visits.

Amanda Douglas

Qualifications: DIP A.S.K.
Year Qualified - Practitioner: 2007.

I have been surrounded by Kinesiology since Claire Muller was first trained by her father Brian Butler, often being used for her case studies for various ailments that were quickly resolved. I decided to train as a practitioner myself in 2005 mainly so Claire and I could do treatments swaps without her having to tell me what to do. Since completing the Practitioners course I have been successfully treating family and friends and have been constantly amazed by the results.

After over 30 years of working at the BBC I decided on a complete career change and am now working a s a Kinesiologist at the Oasis of Health helping others improve their health and wellbeing.

I have one Son (18) who has had the benefits of Kinesiology and nutrition throughout his life and I now also really enjoy helping other parents improve their children & teenagers issues.

Fees: 95.00 for initial consultation - 75.00 for subsequent visits.









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