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Having been diagnosed with Chron’s Disease in 1998 I have since then tried all manner of conventional medication to keep my symptoms under control. As the severity of my condition tends to fluctuate it has been difficult to assess any success at improving the symptoms, however nothing has given me any long-term benefits and I learned to live my life around the condition.

Following several bouts of illness in 2014 which resulted in weight loss, nausea and general exhaustion I was advised by my consultant to start taking some very strong drugs on a permanent basis. When I looked into the side effects I was horrified and felt that my quality of life would still be adversely affected albeit in differently. Add to this the fact I would have to inject myself regularly I decided that there must be some other way.

I had one kinesiology treatment with Claire Muller and was also given practical advice as to which foods to avoid / increase in my diet. For the first time someone was advising me PERSONALLY, not just with sweeping statements applicable to all with my condition. I was extremely sceptical about how it would all work, but had nothing to lose by taking the advice. Within days I was feeling better and my eating habits had improved – something that decades of doctors and dieticians had failed to change. I had a further treatment a few weeks later (combined with a tapping session) and walked out of the clinic with the feeling that a ‘switch had been flicked in my head’. Since that time my attacks of Chron’s have been far more manageable and I am healthier than I have ever been. My Consultant remains cynical despite the fact for over a year I have been able to lead a normal life, and I have saved the NHS the cost of the expensive drugs that were advised to me. Nothing the Consultants (past and present) have recommended has ever had such a positive impact or had such a long term effect.

I don’t know how it works, I just know that it does.

Karen Carman (Client).

The summer of 2015 I found myself experiencing a very intense emotional breakdown which paralysed my ability to cope with life. I was fortunate to discover that Amanda, whom I knew from our BBC days together, is now a full time practitioner at the Oasis of Health. The very first treatment had an immediate positive result. Amanda's careful systematic method of discovering what my body needed, using the Kinesiology method of testing for food supplements which would strengthen me, gave me renewed energy and a feeling of well-being.

Using the same approach she was able to search for areas in my body which were causing weakness to my mind as well as my body, then using the kinesiology technique, strengthen the areas. This resulted in me feeling so much stronger and alive so that I was able to start on the journey of healing myself by following the recommendations.

The monthly follow up treatments have continued to work positively on the more complex underlying thought patterns of the present and past events which have become locked into different areas of my body causing weakness or discomfort. These had been affecting my ability to deal with everyday life in a positive way.

The superb benefits of this approach to treatment is that there was a immediate positive affect There were no medicines to take with the possibility of side effects, there were no hours and hours of analysis to talk through. It was a straight forward and clear method.

In very simple terms Amanda asked my body and mind using the Kinesiology system what was needed to strengthen it. My mind and body was able to reply back with an immediate muscle response to indicate what would help to improve the situation and help eliminate those foods, thoughts or past experiences which were weakening me, I would highly recommend this approach this systematic method of treatment as I felt totally safe, at ease and cared by Amanda as we explored together.

Thank you very very much.

Dave Skerry (Client).

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Claire by another one of her clients. I had suffered from back pain for 8 years and had tried every treatments/pain relief possible. I thought I would have to take pain killers all my life and was told I had all sort of structural problems or I would just have to live with it. However seeing Claire after a few sessions everything changed the pain went ... she taught me to confront what fears and anxieties I was holding in the base of my spine and let them all go. We had quite a few intense treatments but after every session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I came away feeling confident and strong and not fearful of the past and present. My energy levels came back and I started looking forward to the day ahead and not dreading it.

So much so I then felt the courage to finally bring my 2 year old twins in who literally were running me ragged and pushing every boundary there was! Well watching Claire with my children changed everything. From me being negative and assuming the worst (there was and open fire place and numerous bottles of nutrition!) the little 'angels' listened to Claires every word and I knew now had the strength and confidence to learn from Claires amazing ways she had with them. She also constantly supported me and told me I was doing a good job which for months I really thought I was a bad mum. So has been the change in me my family have learnt from my new ways and my husband is also now a client of Claires. Kinesiology has absolutely changed the way I think, love and breathe and I cannot thank Claire enough.

Life is great again and not a dread :-)

Jill De Croos (Client).

"Kinesiology truly changed my family's life. It is something I have never heard about before until I've met a person that has introduced me to it. I have realised it is not only a science about anatomy, phisiology, supplements and Chinese meridians, but how to treat yourself in a healthy and respectful way. How to look up to yourself and how to feel good about yourself, live without any regrets.

Bad diet, high intake of sugar, coffee, and other stimulats that once were part of my life, feeling tired, stressed, lack of patience and eating too much things that were deepleting my body from energy never seemed to be a problem. My three year old son would never touch solid food and drink from a cup. He would eat 14 yogurts a day and mashed potato for his dinner and refuse to try any new things. He would wear a nappy despite other childern at his age being able to independendly go to toilet when needing to do so.

I felt that this would never be possible to change. I always thought that all these problems were my fault, I felt helpless, and I felt that I am lacking understanding if what I was doing was right for my son. I felt deserate for help. I was stressed and it affected my family and my relationships with other people and especially my husband. I thought I will never be able to wake up in the morning feeling stress- free and enjoy myself like I do now.

After my first Kinesiology session, I knew this is it! I knew this will change my life. I decided to make an appointment with Claire as soon as possible to help my son. My visit was magical. My son was incredibly attentive to Claire and allowed her to massage him, and he would do absolutely everything she asked him to. I was breathtaken. The way Claire conducted the session made me believe that I can change my life, and follow all the instruction she would give me. There is something special about her- the way she talks to you, the way she treats you, supports you and believes in you is wonderful. She is everything that you might need to feel special and most importantly for me: to believe I am being a good parent. She explained to me step by step where was the problem was coming from and how to deal with it. When I went home I did everything she told me to do, I followed all the steps and a miracle happened! Within three days my son would eat everything! In another three days he would call me to go to the toilet.

I have so much belief in me now. I have never met anyone who would pass on so much possitive energy as Claire. I know that this change will last forever. Thank you..."

Justyna (Client).

"I took Gabriel to see Claire because I was concerned about his behaviour sometimes. I myself didn't manage his behaviour well as I wasn't consistent enough and because of this, Gabriel and I were all over the place emotionally, which I now realise makes sense. I was losing my temper most of the time, I was out of control and there was this feeling of nervous tension a lot of the time, I was waiting for him to misbehave. It was affecting the family in a big way, I was always irritable and my husband picked up on this, I didn't carry threats of punishment through so Gabriel just knew he could get away with it all the time!
Claire has helped me to completely change all of that with consistency which as a result has now created safe boundaries for us. I am so much calmer with him which works, we have good "acceptable behaviour" most of the time and if we have any "unacceptable behaviour" then there are always consequences and he knows that!

I feel that the family are much happier, more secure and we have fun now, knowing that I am in control of my children! Gabriel also sleeps in for longer in the mornings now. He was waking up sometimes between 5.30am and 6.30am and I personally found that far too early and that was adding to my stress and tiredness with it all. With a few amazing techniques we do at night before bed and the combination of a happier child because of consistency, he is often waking between 7am and 8am, it's incredible!! Kinesiology is a must for everyone. It works and has changed my life in so many ways, I don't know what I would do without it now!

I did the foundation and Practitioner course in Kinesiology with Claire Moffat. The course covered some truly amazing stuff that actually blew my mind every time, things that were so simple to learn, you did not need a degree to understand it. Claire is absolutely passionate about Kinesiology and health and it really came across on the courses, you couldn't help but be impressed with how knowledgeable she is. I felt that it was taught in a way that everyone could enjoy, get involved in and actually see results with their own eyes!! Most of the people I spoke to on the courses were literally speechless as to what they were learning, Kinesiology can help almost anything in your life. I have learnt how to help people with back problems, neck problems, people that have food intolerances, people that are suffering with emotional problems, the list is endless... I feel blessed to have found Kinesiology as not only do I help my own family with it but I am now helping other people to feel better again. The courses were outstanding in every way, it was one of the best investments I have ever made!"

Sarah Davis-Lynch (Client & Student).

"It sounds like a cliché but Kinesiology really has changed my life. I went to see Claire after suffering from a rash on my face. 4 sessions later and I was not only rash free but so much stronger emotionally and physically, more positive and ready to enjoy life and all its beauty again! Claire is inspirational - so positive and supportive, I cannot thank you enough."

S.R. - Client Testimonial.

"I have a 39 year old Downs Syndrome brother who, until Sept 07, lived at home with my parents who are now both past retiring age (my dad is 71). Prior to my starting the foundation course with Claire in Feb 07 my parents were entrenched in the idea that caring for their adult, learning disabled son was a burden and a duty they would have for life! Whenever I spoke to my father about hi long term care he was adamant and stern that no one could do the job as well as he could or love him as much as he did. However, I could see that my father wasn’t as fit to tend to my brothers basic needs as he had been a decade earlier. My brother is 5’ 3” and weighs almost 15 stone so getting him in and out of the bath is heavy manual work and he has difficultly in the shower.

I began working with both my parents and my brother (using me dad as surrogate) with every technique Claire taught me. At first I thought ESR ridiculously simple but I decided to challenge the promise of this technique and included it routinely in my treatments. Six months later my brother has moved full time into foster care with a lady he has known for 23 years and who has been his key worker for 10 years. My parents guilt has evaporated and all three of them are changed people. My brother is with a younger family and is now busy and stimulated doing things my parents no longer have the energy for. He stays with my parents one night a week and on these occasions they are all going to the cinema or bowling which makes their time together a far richer quality.

I am, and will remain, thoroughly indebted to Claire for her teaching, enthusiasm and encouragement, for without her motivation there would have been no changes here. I have never met anyone who exudes the radiance she does and who cares so deeply to her core about bettering the human condition – even for those who are strangers to her. She is an incredible ambassador for kinesiology and a luminous inspiration to me personally.

My heartfelt thanks to Claire and all at the school."

Lorraine Lorimer (Client & Student).









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